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201 So. Mountain Ave.
Ashland, OR 97520
Contact: AHS Athletic Dept.
Team Rules


    Be Qualified

1.                  You must meet the OSAA State Standards for Eligibility and Ashland High Schools Academic Policy as posted at http://www.ashland.k12.or.us/Page.asp?NavID=699 to participate in practices and meets.

Be Ready

2.                  You and your horse will be ready and in the arena at the designated practice time.  Habitual tardiness may result in your dismissal from practice and/or the following meet.


3.                  You MUST contact (call or text) the Head Coach if you will be late or unable to come to a practice or meeting. DO NOT tell another team member to have them relay the message. You are allowed excused absences from practices or meetings in the case of emergency situations (ie. major injury or illness to you, your immediate family, or your horse) or another school academic or sport activity in which you are participating. Absences must be prearranged when possible with the Head Coach.

No Excuses

4.                  You are allowed three unexcused absences.  The forth infraction will be cause for dismissal from the team without refund of fees.

No Distractions

5.                  Cell phones, IPods and any other distracting devises are not allowed in the arena or while you are mounted. If they are seen being used during practice, they will be taken and given back before you leave practice. LEAVE THEM IN THE TRUCK.

6.                  We have closed practices parents/guardians and siblings only.  Please notify your friends/boyfriends they are not to hang out at practices. Anyone other than immediate family will be asked to leave. Only athletes and coaches are allowed to ride during practice.

Be Safe

7.                  If a coach feels a team member is not properly treating their horse (i.e. excessively beating or jerking their horse around, not properly cooling down, feeding, watering or cleaning up after their horse) you will be given a warning that that type of behavior will not be tolerated.  If it happens repeatedly you may be dismissed from the team without refund of fees.

8.                  Helmets and boots will be worn at all times when mounted.

Be Respectful

9.                  Disrespect of the coaches and team mates will not be tolerated.  Every team member is expected to do as requested by any of the coaches.  Starting or spreading rumors is disrespectful. You will be given only one warning. If it happens again, you will be dismissed from the team without refund of fees. 

10.              Anytime we are gathered as the Ashland Equestrian Team, we are representing Ashland High School.  The Dress Code for all schools will be strictly enforced:  At least 1 fabric strap shirts and no mid drift showing.  This includes practices, District and State meets, and fundraising activities.  You will be asked to leave if not dressed appropriately.

     Be Responsible

11.              At District Meets you are expected to be at the show grounds allowing for a reasonable amount of time to prepare your horse and yourself for your events. All team members regardless of the events they are participating in are expected to be present at the meets during scheduled event times to support and assist team members.  You must check in and out with one of the coaches before you leave the Expo in person or by phone.


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