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201 So. Mountain Ave.
Ashland, OR 97520
Contact: AHS Athletic Dept.
Class Equipment Requirements

We need obtain the equipment necessary to practice performance and gaming events. The equipment should represent as much as possible, the conditions we can expect to see at the meets. The team already owns some of the equipment (e.g., plastic cones), but we may need to purchase or borrow equipment from the community and team members to ensure we have the items on-hand at our practices when they are needed.

We need a few parents to help us gather the needed equipment and coordinate a work party to paint poles, bridges and other obsticles.  We generally need to set up for an equitation class and one of the trail, working rancher or IHOR classes at our practices.  We do not set-up all classes at once.

Click this link for a list of the equipment our team already owns.

Click this link to view the OHSET pattern diagrams, judges scoring sheets and pattern dimensions.


13 ea. Cones, large orange
2 ea. Risers, 4x4x4 or 4x4x6
2 ea. Barrels 
1 ea. Pull gate 
1 ea. Bridge 4x8' 
4 ea. Poles, 4'
8 ea. Poles, 8'
2 ea. Poles 10'


11 ea. Poles, 8'
2 ea. Poles, 12'
1 ea. Pole, 4'
2 ea. Risers, 4x4x4 blocks
4 ea. Poles, pole-bending type

Working Rancher

1 ea. cone
7 ea. bales of straw or hay
1 ea. Calf head roping dummy, no horns
4 ea. Posts, 8' long and 8-10 diameter
5 ea. Shrubs/bushes, ~3' wide & tall
pen panels

Hunt Seat, Stock Seat & Reining

4-6 ea. Cones, large orange

Dressage & Working Pairs

8 ea. Cones, large white with letters


6 ea. Pole-bending bases & pipe
3 ea. Barrels, plastic 55 gal
2 ea. Barrels, small metal 15 gallon
2 ea. Flags, long with small diameter pole
4 ea. Flags, short with larger diameter pole
Rubber mat holder for Canadian flags
Chalk (dolomite lime)
Rope template for keyhole (spike)


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